Chapter 37



“So are you two going to tell me your plan?” asked Nicole.

“Sure,” said Cameron.

“I for one would love to hear it,” said Pepe.

“Well, we’ll go into Quebec tonight, stay with Pepe’s people, and at noon tomorrow Pepe and I will go to the Notre Dame de Quebec.  I will go inside and offer you in exchange for our freedom and a million, whatever it is they have.”  Cameron pursed his lips to the side of his mouth,  “I should have specified US dollars.  No wonder Christophe was so quick to answer, I bet he has Canadian currency.”

“Why would you betray Marie?” asked Nicole, “The operatives of Rex Mundi cannot be trusted.”

“Don’t worry, you will be safely hidden away.  Surrender is the best way to lure out the Rex Mundi.”  Cameron looked into the rearview mirror at Pepe, “And if there is one thing the French have taught me, it’s to become a master at the art of surrender.”

Pepe grunted at Cameron’s comment and then added softly, “You can relax, Cameron knows what he is doing.”

Nicole shook her head, “The Rex Mundi are very dangerous.”

“Surrendering is a tactic,” said Pepe.  He held up his hands on either side like a scale, “You see it transforms weakness into power.”

“What do you mean?” asked Nicole.

“You know of Voltaire?”

“Yes, he was a French philosopher.  Marie tutored me about all of the writers of the enlightenment.  Voltaire wrote of religious freedom.”

“Oui, but you see being a critique of the church got Voltaire into trouble and he was exiled from France.  So, he fled to London.  Not a popular place to be for a Frenchman at the time.”

“Or ever,” said Cameron.

Pepe grunted again, “Well, very unpopular at this time.  So much so, that one day while walking he found himself surrounded by people screaming ‘hang the Frenchman, hang the Frenchman’.”

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