Chapter 37



“If I had a dime for every time I heard that,” said Cameron.

“True,” said Pepe.  He gave Cameron a quick leer and then let his face rest pleasant again to continue his story.  “So Voltaire, seeing he was surrounded and outnumbered, thought quickly, and instead of trying to fight the Englishmen, he used his wit.  He said ‘Men of England!  You wish to kill me because I am a Frenchman.  Am I not punished enough in not being born an Englishman?’ to which the crowd laughed and safely escorted him home.”  Pepe arched his brow, “So you see, Voltaire both took advantage of their weakness and made power of his weakness by surrendering, not fighting.”

“The Cathar know this well,” said Nicole.  “I am glad to hear that you do not intend to fight them.”

“I did not say that,” said Pepe.  “I said Voltaire chose not to fight.  We will fight.”

* * * * *

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