Chapter 38



After two days of rain, billowy clouds now floated across the Quebec’s azure sky.  Cameron had spent the morning walking through the Parc de l’Esplanade thinking about Marie and the last few days.  Now he sat on a bench in the small park across Rue Ste Felixine from the Notre Dame de Quebec.  Cameron gazed up at the facade.  Pepe told him that the Quebec basilica was modeled after the one in Paris and that Cameron would recognize the building when he saw it.  Pepe was right, the church did look a lot like the Sainte-Geneviève in Paris.  Sainte-Geneviève was a church near the hotel Pepe and Cameron used to stay in years before while on a leave from the Legion.  Those early days Cameron and Pepe caroused through Paris with Pepe’s sister Christine and her friends.  Of course there had been Christine.  The European architecture of that part of Quebec reminded Cameron of his time spent abroad.

High above the church steeple the sun hit the zenith of the celestial arc, high noon and time to turn over Nicole.  The Rex Mundi were expecting him.  Cameron stood up from the bench and ran his fingers down his lapels, pulling the collar tight when his hands neared the bottom.

Cameron flexed his neck, rolling his head back and to the side.

From his inside pocket Cameron removed his cell phone and tapped the power on.  Scanning the street, he tried to identify anyone waiting for a call.  No one looked particularly out of place.  Two women deep in conversation were pushing strollers side by side.  A young man, maybe a student Cameron thought, chained his bicycle to the winged street sign near the wrought iron gate.  At the bottom of the basilica steps a group of middle-aged tourists in baggy shorts stood with cameras and guidebooks in hand.  When the phone powered up Cameron scrolled through his outgoing messages to the number he called yesterday on the drive up to Quebec.  He held the phone to his ear and waited for someone to pickup.  Cameron was not disappointed.

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