Chapter 39



“C’mon, what is this?” asked Cameron.

“What’s going on?” asked Pepe.

Cameron was about to respond when the panel behind the little screen opened again, this time slowly and only half way.  Cameron leaned toward the screen.  “If you’re trying to get on my good side it’s not working,” said Cameron.

Cameron heard the sound of an aerosol spray through the wooden screen and felt a mist on his face.  Suddenly Cameron’s eyes were burning.  Pepe spoke again, “Is everything ok?  Give me a signal.”

Cameron knew better than to try to talk, to even breathe.  For him to resist the gas was futile in the closed space of the confessional.  One word and Pepe would have the door in splinters.  He tried to speak with no success.  The code word was ‘Angel’.  A word they agreed could be subtly slipped into any conversation Cameron would be having while in the church.  Now any sound would suffice, a simple ‘help’ or a rapid tap on the wall.  The burning had traveled into his throat, and he was unable to make a sound.  Cameron decided to alert Pepe by knocking on the wall.  His arms were weak and the walls were moving.  The walls of the confessional began to melt and ripple.  He felt himself falling and placed a hand on the wall in front of him to catch himself and then his other on the sidewall.  Bracing himself did nothing to still the spinning box.

Mustering all of his will, Cameron pushed himself back against the wall.  His tear ducts flowed heavy and out of his twisted mouth, saliva shot out with each frantic tightening breath.  For a moment, Cameron’s body seized tight and within his face, he felt his muscles ripping away.  He could hear Pepe’s voice, nonsense words echoing and reverberating.  Cameron separated from his body, only a mind behind eyes floating away from his head, watching the walls spin by as he fell away from them.  Then the falling became so extreme Cameron could no longer focus.  Everything went black.

* * * * *

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