Chapter 40



Cameron awoke to total darkness, his muscles burning from the earlier seizing spasms.  He tried to lift his hand to his forehead to no avail.  When he jerked at his other hand, lightning shot up through his arm into his shoulder.  Cameron’s hands were immovable, bound tight behind his back.

Cameron widened his eyes, still unable to see.

Cameron’s instinct kicked in to over ride his disorientation.  He remembered the Rex Mundi, the enemy, subdued him.  The epiphany that the Rex Mundi wanted him disoriented snapped him into action.  Cameron had been trained for this and he was not about to give them the upper hand.  In the Legion, disorientation training began early, before the elite training.  Every candidate went through dauntless rigors after selection in Aubagne.  Cameron had gone on to Corsica, home of the elite of the elite, the Second Foreign Parachute Regiment.  He had been bound, electrocuted, water boarded, and that was in his first week as a recruit.

Cameron started by measuring his breathes to ensure he was getting enough oxygen.  He realized he could only breathe through his nose.  As Cameron slowly squeezed his jaw tight he could feel a tug at the base of his skull, the balled knot of a gag tied tight around his head.

The muscles throughout Cameron’s body were still on fire from the aerosol gas.  He resisted the temptation to pull or struggle against his restraints.  Cameron let his body go limp.  Slowly Cameron identified each of his extremities and their positions.  Through concentration, Cameron had a good mental picture of his situation.  He was sitting on a chair, gagged, hooded, and bound by his hands with no tension on his legs, lap, or waist.

Cameron focused on where he sensed the bindings were tight, around his crossed wrists, behind his back.  He determined that the binding on his wrist was what held him to the chair.  Fingers loose, Cameron sought to touch whatever he could only to find nothing in their reach.  Unable to untie the bindings with his hands or maneuver the Opinel knife from his side, he thought of an alternative.  Cameron knew a way out of being single bound from the back, a simple rookie maneuver.  All he would need to do is find a way to throw himself back on his own weight, shattering the chair and maybe an arm, to free the bindings and allow him to wriggle loose.  Cameron pressed both feet firm, they were solid, and to fall back could work.

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