Chapter 40



The room smelled like a barbeque, maybe this was the furnace room.

Cameron tried to gauge his space, thwacking his head on the wall behind him might slow his fall and only leave him with a lump.  To his right a drip hit a pool, easily a body length away.  More important was the faint echo made each and every time a drop landed in the pool.  Cameron was definitely not in a room as small as the confessional booth.  He closed his mind off from his body and counted between the drops.  When Cameron reached five another drip hit the pool.  The echo circled him, drip, count five, drip, count five, repeated again and again until Cameron was confident he was in the center of the room.  He decided there was plenty of room behind him.  There may be debris or a hole waiting for him when he fell back.  There may be a bottomless pit for all he knew.  Cameron would take that risk, to not try to free himself was against his training and he had no doubt that the Rex Mundi had no plans of to let him go free.

Applying slight pressure to the front of his feet, Cameron tried to lift the chair to test whether the chair was bolted to the floor and could even be tilted back.  The front of the chair lifted.  He gently lowered the chair back to the floor.  The chair made a solid thud, perhaps built of wood.  Throwing the chair back to free him was going to work.  Cameron pulled his body as forward as he could manage.  Ready to put all of his weight into the thrust back, he tensed his feet.

Above Cameron’s head the voice of the man from the phone boomed through speakers, “I wouldn’t do that Mister Kincaid.”

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