Chapter 40



From behind, Cameron heard a snap and then felt soft clammy leather as someone wrapped their hand tightly around his forehead and pulled his head back.  Under his nose came a rush of ammonia, burning his eyes and sinuses.  Cameron tried to thrash his head to either side, unable to slip from the grip of the gloved hand.  The fumes of the ammonia fell away from his face and were replaced by fumes of something milder.  The pain subsided and the gloved had released him.  To Cameron’s right the man snapped his fingers once and then again.  Cameron slowly turned toward the sound.

“That’s right Mister Kincaid, this way.”

Cameron’s eyes began to focus.

“There you go Mister Kincaid, it will be only a minute more.  Thank you, Peter.  Now where was I, oh yes, salvia divinorum.  So, the Mazatec shamans see the plant as an incarnation of the Virgin Mary, and begin the ritual with an invocation to Mary, Saint Peter, the Holy Trinity, and other saints.  Of course, in their rituals, they use only the freshest leaves, and you ingested, well let’s just say you ingested quite a different concoction, a requirement you see, the leaves only last ten minutes and how would I ever get you to eat them.”  The man laughed after he made the comment.  Cameron did not find the words funny.

* * * * *

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