Chapter 41



Cameron could now for the first time see the man in front of him quite well.  Whatever they had shoved in his nose had made him quite lucid.

The man was tall, well groomed, and had a very kind smile.  Cameron thought the man’s looks were almost too good, artificial, like a model or an actor.  The man wore all black with the exception of his white collar.  The man was a priest.  Cameron’s eyes were drawn to the large garnet set gold ring on the priest’s second finger.

“There, you are doing better.  I can see it.  Peter, can you remove our guest’s…”  The priest gestured to his mouth.  Cameron felt the stiff blade of Peter’s knife slide up the side of his head and the pressure when Peter used the blade to cutaway the gag.  The gag fell away.

“Here, drink this.”  The priest held a metal cup to Cameron’s lips.  He tilted the offering into his mouth.  The water contained in the cup poured down Cameron’s throat and onto his chin and shirt.  Cameron sucked down what he could.

When the priest lowered the cup Cameron spoke, “You’re a priest.”

“Surprised,” said the priest.

“Not really, you did have me meet you in a confessional.”

“Well, a lot of priests go through here.  Its easy to, what’s the word comme camouflage?”

“Blend?” asked Cameron.

“Yes, that’s it, it’s easy to blend.”

The priest pulled a stool from Cameron’s side to the front of him and sat, “You see this is the primate church of Canada, the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Quebec, the oldest See in the New World north of Mexico.”

“Thank you for the history lesson,” said Cameron.

“That’s not the best of it all.  Four governors of New France and the bishops of Québec are buried in the crypt, beyond that wall in front of you.  That chancel lamp in the cathedral, did you see it?”

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