Chapter 41



“I saw it.”

“It was a gift from Louis XIV.”

“How special,” Cameron was regaining his strength.

“You should have taken the tour.  These places, these things, are all very important.”

“I recently met someone who would say very different.”

“Yes I know the rhetoric.  There are no primates or bishops in the Bible, the physical church and the physical itself should be disregarded.”  The priest lost his smile and turned his furrowed brow to Cameron adding in a serious tone, “That God himself should be disregarded.”

“That’s about what I’ve heard.”

“Those are dangerous thoughts, they always have been.  You were smart to agree to meet, that woman is a threat that must be dealt with.”

“Dealt with, what does that mean, and what happened to the believers that were supposed to be at the number where I called you?”

The priest put his hand on Cameron’s shoulder, patted, pulled back and shrugged, “These people you call believers, that call themselves pure ones, good Christians, these bonnes gens, these Cathari, whatever name they go by, they are like rats.  We exterminate as many as we can but some always get away.”  The priest shook his head slightly.  “We have been watching the local group for a long time, waiting for this opportunity, this precious opportunity, and now it has finally come,” the priest clasped his hands together.  “Now Mister Kincaid, where can we find the her?”

Cameron’s earpiece came to life, “Kincaid, I am in range.  If you can hear me give the signal.”

The earpiece was small and flesh colored, still Cameron was surprised the device had been missed by his captures.  “About that,” said Cameron, “you will need an angel to help you now.”

“Got you, I am on my way,” said Pepe.

The priest was less than amused.  “I am sorry you feel that it will need to come to that,” said the priest.

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