Chapter 41



Cameron realized now that the reason for the single bind was that his captures had bound him in a rush.  They had not even removed his sport coat and with the layers of clothing had missed the P226 tucked in his behind his back and only taken the .357 from his side.

Though the drug in the gas had been incredibly strong the effects only subdued Cameron briefly, and that made the Rex Mundi sloppy.

“Peter, could you help our friend to understand?”

Cameron was more than excited to know that Pepe was close.  Under the circumstance he wanted Pepe to be closer, to be there.

Cameron was not sure what hit him first, the burn of the thin metal wire beside his face or the smell of his own burning flesh.

Cameron clenched his jaw.  If he had to, he could do this all day.  Where the hell was Pepe?

“So you see Mister Kincaid,” the priest nodded to Cameron’s assailant, “we invented the art of interrogation.”

Another stiff wire, glowing red, was thrust into Cameron’s thigh.

Cameron felt the rod deeply and mistakenly let the priest know by gasping.

“You do see,” the priest flicked his brow, signaling Peter to step back.  The priest lifted himself from his stool and leaned into Cameron, placing a hand to either side of his face.

“The Holy See charged our predecessors, the Dominicans, with establishing the Episcopal inquisition.”  The priest nodded and Cameron felt the puncture of another skewer, this time he pushed the brilliant flash of pain into a leer toward the priest.  The priest continued nonchalantly, holding Cameron’s face firmly, studying him.  “Before that, heretics were dealt with on a local level, sometimes merely imprisoned.  But in the name of the Pope all things changed.”

“So you’re Dominican.  The Rex Mundi is the church?”

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