Chapter 41



“Oh, I didn’t say that.  Our people are there though.”

Peter lanced Cameron in the thigh once more.  The priest, still holding Cameron’s face, let loose one hand to caress his burnt cheek.

“Our people have always been everywhere Mister Kincaid.”  The priest moved his caressing hand to Cameron’s forehead and then pulled both hands back to his lap.  “That’s enough for now Peter,” said the priest.

“Ironically this system of, well let’s call it what it is, torture, was created for the predecessors of your friends.  For the same reason that we use it today.”  The priest reached behind Cameron and brought back the metal cup and a matching pitcher.  As the Priest spoke, he filled the cup full of water.  “The problem is the same.  Do you know what that problem is Mister Kincaid?”

“I can’t say,” Cameron winced midsentence and then quickly pulled himself together.  “I can’t say that I do.”

“But of course you don’t.  Here drink this.”  The priest put the cup of water to Cameron’s lips.  Cameron sipped all that was in the metal cup.  “There you go.  The problem is nothing.”  The priest arched his brows.

“Nothing,” said Cameron.  “Then I guess we’re done here.”

The priest chuckled.  “That’s very good.  Let me elaborate.  The problem is what your new friends preach.  That nothing matters.  No church, no wealth, no property, all you need to do is be a good person and then,” the priest raised his hands above his head, “you accept him as you’re savior and all is ok.”

“Doesn’t sound too bad to me.”

“No not too bad at all, for you, but what about civilization?  What about the economies?  The idea of being one with his Holy apart from all else,” the priest wagged his finger, “it’s very dangerous.  Who would work?  Who would farm?”

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